Master Data Management

TRM™ includes the world's most advanced Master Data Management solution for single customer view. Many organizations are limited in their customer understanding beyond their CRM system.
TRM™ Master Data Management allows organizations to rapidly
design an organization's

single customer view and setup continuous real time synchronization of customer and other from all internal and external sources.
TRM™ makes this data available via easy to use API's and via WAG™ Web App Generator for use inside visually and rapidly created cross-platform apps


With TRM™ Master Data Management, various types of customers can be visually defined with varying attributes and cross source key-based or custom sync takes only minutes to setup. Criteria can be easily setup to define time sensitive and actionable information in the data which in turn can trigger a visually defined process such or an alert. Data accuracy determines organizational ability or inability to create useful and rewarding interactions with its' customers.

Industry Leader

TRM™ has been recognized as an industry leader by industry analysts and by our fortune 500 customers who use it as a key components with any CRM solution they may be using, including TRM™. We invented the concept of big data gathering for our fortune 500 customers in the early 2000's in the context of a single view of any person and particularly a customer is a core building block for any organizations' long term success.

Join the many TRM™ customers
who are reaping the benefits

Join the many TRM™ customers who are reaping the benefits of timely, accurate and complete customer-centric information with common applications for improved customer service, actionable cross-selling and up-selling, data cleansing and validation, auditing, security monitoring and integration of data throughout business processes and mobile workflows which are commonly orchestrated using Corporate Central's WAG™ Web App Generator. Many fortune 500 customers rely on TRM™ Master Data Management with it's industry leading integration. TRM™ customers come from many verticals including banking, health care, insurance, commerce, real-state, telecom and high-tech.

Increase Revenue and  Decrease Costs

TRM™ Master Data Management enables organizations to increase revenue, decrease costs, improve customer satisfaction and retention and reduce risk by integrating useful and actionable information that is visually and immediately available to the business via rapidly created cross-platform WAG™ Web App Generator apps and via general easy to use APIs for integration with corporate applications and workflows. Our comprehensive end-to-end approach and our pioneering position in the industry sets us apart from other solutions which only offer pieces of the puzzle and leave allot of additional work for the data to be easily gathered and be made useful in the organizations evolving business needs.

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