The best way to Create and Submit great apps to the Cloud Portal Application Store.

A great idea - that's all it takes to create a killer app. With WAG™ Web App Generator you don't have to be a programmer - you can learn how to WAG™ in one day. The best way to create and submit great apps to the Corporate Central Application Store is to use WAG™ Web App Generator. WAG™ apps run on every modern computing device on the planet and automatically use the best features that each device has to offer.

Your WAG™ apps will operate on almost all desktops, laptops and mobile devices regardless of operating system, so the potential audience for every WAG™ app is huge. When you use WAG™ the hard work of creating scalable, attractive, sell-able apps is done for you including database and user interface development via AJAX, HTML 5 and CSS3, cross device compatibility and multi-tenancy. Learn More About WAG™ →

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