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Corporate Central's work environment of innovation is reinforced by the excellence of the Bay Area's academic institutions. Stanford University, the University of California - Berkeley and the University of California - San Francisco are located here. The synergy between academia and business has fostered a climate that nurtures Corporate Central's advances in enterprise software technology.

The Bay Area itself offers an appealing quality of life, with a year-round mild climate, beautiful setting, and stimulating cultural, intellectual and geographic diversity - all of which help to attract one of the most highly educated and exceptionally talented labor forces in the country. Corporate Central is a progressive employer. We are also an equal opportunity employer. Here are some of the benefits of working for us, some of them quite unusual: the option to work from home (developer positions only), the option to work flexible hours.

If you are interested in working for Corporate Central please email your resume to Every resume is read and each person is evaluated to determine your potential contribution to the company in whatever it is you are great at.

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