Make Apps that are Standards Based

Corporate Central apps are web standards based so there are no downloads necessary and keeping your applications up-to-date is so much easier. Developers are constantly improving their Corporate Central apps and you always have the latest versions.

Make Apps and Require No Downloads

No more downloads, updates and time consuming installations. Click once to instantly add any app to your Cloud Portal™ and access all your apps using almost any device on the planet. You can login and work with your apps from anywhere. It's that easy.

Cloud Portal™ enables admins to deliver apps to users based on organizational roles and single sign-on. Permitted users can also select from optional apps based on their role. Integrated corporate wide calendar and events.

Create Apps and Publish to the Cloud Portal™ Application Store which has a brilliant WebTop UI in a Browser

Create Apps and Publish Wherever There’s a Browser

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What is Cloud Portal™

Cloud Portal™ is Corporate Central's awesome application delivery platform. It is where you sign-in once and gain access to all your applications and content in a single place; it is an Application Store where you can find great applications and content, publish your own applications and content and offer them to your users and the world; and it is the place where applications and content can be automatically delivered to you based on your user profile and preferences.

Create Apps and Enjoy The Cloud Portal Webtop™ Experience

The Cloud Portal Webtop™ is a virtual desktop in your web browser. It integrates your web applications, content, web services and client-server applications into a browser desktop environment using a desktop metaphor similar to that of Windows, Mac, or Unix and Linux systems, and it does that with pure browser functionality - there is nothing to install.
Cloud Portal™ delivers an amazing Webtop experience, presenting actual live applications, not merely icons. The Cloud Portal Webtop™ is available to you wherever you are - work, home, play, and while travelling.

Make it Your Own Webtop™ Experience

Create any number of Pages on your Webtop. Click a Page to work with its live applications. Discover and add new applications from the Application Store. Drag and drop applications to configure their size and position on your Pages. Maximize, restore and minimize the applications on your Webtop.

Combine applications and content to create mash-ups from almost any source. Be highly productive by having applications and content that you often use together open and available simultaneously in one place every time you sign-in.

Create Business App Online for Free with Drag & Drop

Make mobile apps, and also download ones that have been created from the Cloud Porta™ Application Store

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Create Your Business App & Publish to Cloud Portal™ – All In One Place

Publishing has never been Easier

Most public web sites, content and web applications can be added to Cloud Portal without any modification or integration. To have Cloud Portal™ automatically sign-in the user into your web application, just integrate it with the Logon Service.

It literally takes 5 minutes and 3 lines of code. Cloud Portal is designed to make it that easy for developers. Once integrated, your content appears in the Application Store where millions of users can discover it.

Build Workflow Apps, and Customize Your Experience in the Cloud Portal™

A Place of Seamless Integration

Corporate Central Cloud Portal™ is the only portal with live in-place activation of applications and content. Corporate Central Cloud Portal™ provides access to multiple, live, full featured web applications, web content, sites and desktop applications - all on a single page and not just links to the actual content.

With Cloud Portal™, applications, web sites and content can be mashed with full control over size and position, minimized, maximized or opened in a separate window. It is a place of seamless integration between all your content types.

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Build Business Apps with Integrated Global Workflow Calendar™

The World's Calendar

Cloud Portal™ introduces the world's first Global Calendar™. In addition to managing your own calendar, you can discover and combine additional calendars with your calendar including calendars from work, family, friends and colleges, calendars automatically maintained by your applications and globally shared calendars. It can be anything that touches your life.

Any application can be quickly integrated with Global Calendar™ to automatically read and write calendar events. The easy API provides access to the global events database and the application workflow engine which drives workflow applications. Cloud Portal™ establishes an ecosystem for delivering outstanding cross application uniformity, standardization and automation on a global scale.

Build Business Apps   with Integrated Global Workflow Calendar™

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