Total Relationship Management™ is an evolutionary step forward from traditional CRMs

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Visually Customize-able Relationship Management

Parallel Universes, Connected

The data for all your relationships is now in one place, managed. TRM™ let's your organization manage substantially different types of relationships such as customers and prospects, employees, various business entities, vendors, partners, investors, job applicants, help desk... you get the idea... any type of relationship.
You can fully and visually customize the screens and data points for each type of relationship while enabling role based access and flexible data sharing between business divisions based on any criteria such as business needs or job function.

Business divisions can create their own Virtual Environment and completely customize their environment including data points and user interface and marketing campaigns. Data can be shared selectively between Virtual Environments, and managers can specify data sharing settings between different business entities or for different users and groups to access the data they need while working within their own environment.

Design Environment in a Browser

TRM™ delivers a groundbreaking what you see is what you get wysiwyg screen designers right in your web browser.
It allows you to define and customize the screens for different types of companies, contacts and activities without requiring any programming. Different types of relationships require different data points and different data entry screens. For example, the data points you may want to record for a job applicant will be quite different than those for an investor... so go ahead, check it out.

When you customize the user interface for different types of companies, contacts and activities, the storage of the values entered into these fields by users is handled for you automatically. TRM™ includes many predefined company, contact and activity types which you can customize, copy and modify or create completely new ones.

Globally Share Data From Your Customer Relationship Management Software

Be Part of a Connected World

You can share data from your TRM™ virtual environments with other Corporate Central users and groups and subscribe to data shared by others. The granularity of control over data sharing will amaze you - it spans the gamut between shared editing of all data down to a record and field level in read only mode and everywhere in between. Free, paid, subscription, and data exchange based sharing options are available.

Master Data Management

TRM™ includes the world's most advanced Master Data Management solution for single customer view. Many organizations are limited in their customer understanding beyond their CRM system.
TRM™ Master Data Management allows organizations to rapidly
design an organization's single customer view and setup continuous

real time synchronization of customer and other from all internal and external sources.
TRM™ makes this data available via easy to use API's and via WAG™ Web App Generator for use inside visually and rapidly created cross-platform apps

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With TRM™ Master Data Management, various types of customers can be visually defined with varying attributes and cross source key-based or custom sync takes only minutes to setup. Criteria can be easily setup to define time sensitive and actionable information in the data which in turn can trigger a visually defined process such or an alert. Data accuracy determines organizational ability or inability to create useful and rewarding interactions with its' customers.

Industry Leader

TRM™ has been recognized as an industry leader by industry analysts and by our fortune 500 customers who use it as a key components with any CRM solution they may be using, including TRM™. We invented the concept of big data gathering for our fortune 500 customers in the early 2000's in the context of a single view of any person and particularly a customer is a core building block for any organizations' long term success.

Join the many TRM™ customers who are reaping the benefits

Join the many TRM™ customers who are reaping the benefits of timely, accurate and complete customer-centric information with common applications for improved customer service, actionable cross-selling and up-selling, data cleansing and validation, auditing, security monitoring and integration of data throughout business processes and mobile workflows which are commonly orchestrated using Corporate Central's WAG™ Web App Generator. Many fortune 500 customers rely on TRM™ Master Data Management with it's industry leading integration. TRM™ customers come from many verticals including banking, health care, insurance, commerce, real-state, telecom and high-tech.

Increase Revenue and  Decrease Costs

TRM™ Master Data Management enables organizations to increase revenue, decrease costs, improve customer satisfaction and retention and reduce risk by integrating useful and actionable information that is visually and immediately available to the business via rapidly created cross-platform WAG™ Web App Generator apps and via general easy to use APIs for integration with corporate applications and workflows. Our comprehensive end-to-end approach and our pioneering position in the industry sets us apart from other solutions which only offer pieces of the puzzle and leave allot of additional work for the data to be easily gathered and be made useful in the organizations evolving business needs.

Continuous Differential Data Sync

The data to manage all your relationships - in one place

With Continuous Differential Data Sync, you can have all the data needed to manage all your relationships in one place. Data from all your favorite data sources is continuously synced into TRM™ and made available to you via TRM™ user interfaces that you can customize. Easily configure sync jobs from your favorite online data sources such as oData, genomes, salesforce - whatever your data source may be; and from your corporate data sources such as data from your Human Resources and ERP system, LDAP directories and corporate databases. TRM™ automatically cross references data from separate sources for you based on the rules you

define and assigns them globally unique identities that you can use to identify a data record across multiple sources. Of course, you can use all you TRM™ data in Corporate Central. Place a customer list dropdown in your WAG™ application; automatically create user accounts for your contacts that match a certain criteria in EUM™ deliver your users all your applications, calendars and event notification via a single sign-on via Cloud Portal™ - you'll discover endless possibilities for using the data that you always wanted to put together.

In this screen, the user setup a TRM™ Data sync job from salesforce. 
Each source field is mapped to a TRM™ field.
TRM™ synchronizes data changes in near real time.

In this screen, the user setup a TRM™ Data sync job from salesforce.  Each source field is mapped to a TRM™ field. TRM™ synchronizes data changes in near real time.
Online CRM Evolved - Total Relationship Management™ (TRM™)
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Sync Business Contacts to Mobile Devices

Carry your contacts with you, Everywhere

Now you can synchronize your companies, contacts, activities and calendars to Microsoft Exchange and Outlook and from there to your mobile phone.

Just sign-in and select your sync criteria then watch your data sync almost in near real time to your Outlook Contacts, Calendars and Task folders; and from there to your phone.

Online CRM - Tracker TRM™ Total Relationship Management

The Most Complete Customer Relationship Management Software for Any Size Business

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Marketing Campaigns

Let's go get them

TRM's integrated MailBlaster™ technology let's you quickly define and execute sophisticated marketing campaigns that combine web, email, fax, call-downs and mail communications. TRM™ makes it easy to create campaigns that target your best prospects, customers, investors and any other criteria-based audience to help you communicate information and market your products and services. You can easily meet regulatory requirements or drive revenue growth through proactive communication.

Author your marketing template in TRM™ and MailBlaster™ will automatically customize your message for each recipient, then deliver the message i.e. via email or fax and tag delivery status for each recipients. Check your Contact's Activity record in TRM™ to see all marketing send including delivery status. Now you can begin your call with your prospect by saying.

Enterprise CRM with Automatic Data Integrity

Keep your data clean

TRM™ puts strong emphasis on keeping your data clean. This maintains data integrity and usefulness in TRM™ and other systems and provides a single globally unique id for your Companies, Contacts and Activities. TRM™ actively guides users to avoid duplicates and helps them to easily merge duplicates. For example TRM™ prompts the user when they enter a possible duplicate Company record and allows them to choose from a list

of Companies with similar names. If a user spots a duplicate record, Merge Duplicates function is one click away. When records are being imported or synced , TRM™ merges the source data instead of creating duplicates; for example, TRM™ will create a new Role for an existing Company record instead of a duplicate record.

Best Online Crm With Point In Time Data

Did you ever want to go back in time?

TRM™ has its own built-in time machine and a full audit trail. Every change to data is recorded and a user can go back in time and experience the data the way it was at Any Point In Time. Checking back in time does not affect other users who are working with TRM™. This amazing capability is available system wide, at the record level and even down the field level. Permitted users can even revert - at a record and field levels - to the data the way it was at any given point in time.

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Concurrent Roles for Companies and Contacts

Don't be forced...

In real life scenarios, a Company or a Contact can have more than one Role with your organization. For example, a company can be a Customer of one of your products and a Prospect for another product. With Tracker TRM™, each Company and Contact can have several Roles. Users are not forced to created duplicate records for company and contact records that have more than one Roles. This helps maintain data integrity and  a single globally unique id.

TRM™ displays Companies and Contacts based on the user's permissions to specific Roles. Users can work with the Roles that they have permissions for or narrow down to work with a specific Role. In the above scenario, you can specify that Sales users only work with the Prospect Role and Support users can only work with the Customer Role while Managers can work with both.

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