The Corporate Central Secure Endpoint™

Creates a hyper-secure tunnel between Your Cloud Apps and Your Corporate Data

In this video we take a look at the Corporate Central Secure EndPoint™ in action.

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Corporate Central
Secure Endpoint

Make Your Corporate Data Available in Your Mobile App


per Installed Secure EndPoint per Year

  • Creates a hyper-secure tunnel between Your Cloud Apps (including WAG™ apps) and Your Corporate Data.
  • Provides instant integrations between cloud and on-premise and eliminates the need to write and maintain APIs.
  • Any number and combination of enterprise, partner, and cloud locations can be configured.
  • Infinitely Scalable and Fault-Tolerant.
  • Unmatech and Uncompromised Speed and Security.

Install the Corporate Central Secure Endpoint™ in your datacenter or on your computer to create a hyper-secure and super-fast tunnel between your WAG™ app in the Corporate Central Cloud and your local area network.

Use it to integrate all your on premises, SaaS and Cloud data without modification to your existing apps, web services, code or APIs.

The Corporate Central Secure EndPoint™ uses Zero Configuration. You’ll be up and running within minutes and can safely query your local network databases from any Saas or Cloud source.

Achieve Enterprise + Cloud Integration with the highest levels of Security, Reliability and Ease.

The Corporate Central Secure EndPoint™ Dramatically reduces Latency and Increases Speeds up to x100 times.

Reuse everything you have and connect it all to SaaS and Cloud.

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