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Safeway Supermarkets National Receipe Competition

Proof of Concept Summary - WAG™ Safeway Supermarkets National Recipe Contest

Safeway Supermarkets - one of North America's largest supermarket chains
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Business Problem Solved
Create social interaction and buzz around the Safeway brand name
WAG™ Safeway Supermarkets National Recipe Contest - Proof of Concept

Business Problem

  • Create social buzz and continuous interaction around the Safeway brand name, Safeway Stores and the Safeway.com web site
  • Increase Safeway brand awareness and have people talking about Safeway

Competing Technologies

  • Many Safeway customers use social sites such as Facebook.
  • Safeway would like to have a site that continuously attracts people to its online shopping site and stores
  • Safeway wants people to think and talk about Safeway stores and the Safeway.com web site!


  • Designed to be a viral / social web application - The WAG™ Safeway Supermarkets National Recipe Contest Proof of Concept invites people to share their best recipes with the world!
  • The 10 most popular recipes win Safeway shopping cards ranging from $100 to $1,000
  • Each person can add as many recipes as they like and Invite their friends and family to try out and vote on their recipes
  • Each such person (Invitee) can in turn enter their own recipes and share them with their friends and family and so on, creating a viral invitation based social hub with thousands of recipes exchanged and being voted on
  • Users get to vote on each recipe by saying that they Like it. If they do, that recipe gets a point added to its total
  • Users get an email each time someone they know submits a recipe, each time someone Likes their recipe or reviews their recipe
  • Users are also notified via email each time any of their friends and relatives (their contacts) submit a recipe, as well as their contact's contacts (2 levels down, though it is configurable)
  • Each email contains a link back to the Safeway social site which encourages the user to go back and enter more content, vote on recipes, etc..
  • To qualify, each submitted recipe must be approved by Safeway moderators. Moderators have a view to review and approve or reject each recipe submission, with notifications going back to the submitters.
    • The requirements to qualify a recipe include:
    • A substantial submission of a recipe that makes sense.
    • Recipe submissions must specify the complete list of products sold at Safeway.com and in Safeway stores, that are required for the recipe. The WAG™ application allows and requires the submitter to lookup and specify these products using an online catalog.
  • People who want to try a recipe have the ability to click a prominent link on each recipe page titled: "Place all recipe ingredients on the online Shopping Cart", then they can check out and have the ingredients delivered to them.
  • All Contacts and their information, including the relationships between contacts, are managed by Total Relationship Management TRM™
  • User Management is automated and managed by Enterprise User Management EUM™
  • If the proof of concept is approved by Safeway and goes live, the WAG™ application can either run from the Safeway datacenter or from the cloud - Windows Azure or AWS

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