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Business Problem Solved
Production delays due to manual process of PO Submissions and PO Changes
WAG™ PO Automation solution - streamlines the initial PO submission, vendor review and approval, and subsequent PO changes by customer or vendors with updates back to Oracle ERP

Business Problem

  • Production delays due to manual process of PO Submissions and PO Changes.
  • Some, but not all vendors, had fully automated initial PO submission ERP interfaces.
  • It was taking too long and costing too much to develop automated PO submission and processing interfaces with each vendor's ERP system, and to keep the interface up to date with changing business needs - this ongoing maintenance work was costing millions of dollars per year.
  • Very few vendors have full PO Change Order management interfaces in place, often requiring manual intervention and exchange of spreadsheets or resolution information.
  • Significant production delays were occurring at times mostly due to manual processes of PO submissions with some vendors, and in particular with PO change orders after initial submission.

Competing Technologies

  • Several 3rd Party vendors, and a team of internal developers, were continuously busy developing and maintaining the Oracle automated PO submission and processing interfaces for each vendor's ERP system.
  • This ongoing interface work and up-keep was costing millions of dollars per year.


  • WAG™ PO Automation solution running on Windows Azure for PO submissions to vendors.
  • Company accountants use WAG™ PO Automation to review and submit purchase orders entered to their Oracle ERP to their respective vendors for review and approval.
  • Each vendor receives email notification with login/password (User Management integrated) to review the purchase order
  • Each vendor can either approve the whole PO, or specify exceptions item by item, for example to modify availability and delivery dates for certain items.
  • Then the vendor submits the whole response back, and the corporate accountant reviews any updates, i.e., to delivery dates and then posts updates back to the Oracle ERP system.
  • Any changes made later to the PO, by either the company or the vendor, reference the original PO submission identifier, and upon accountant approval, updates are posted to the Oracle ERP.
  • Created by a non-programmer accountant in one week!
  • Entire project completed without writing any Custom Code except upload of PO changes to Oracle ERP which took 1 additional week.
  • Entire project completed without creating a single database object.

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