WAG™ Web Application Generator

Centralized Accounts Payable (AP) application

Corporate Accounts Payable Invoice Processing Workflow App

Global Financials
Data Sources
Oracle ERP, SAP, IBM AS/400
Business Problem Solved
Centralized Accounts Payable (AP)
WAG™ Web Application Generator™ solution for North America, Europe and Asia Pacific

Business Problem

  • A manual process of verifying, approving, and paying invoices in a global accounts payable (AP) processing system was slow and error prone.
  • Offices worldwide were receiving invoices from local vendors, and they were not equipped or trained to handle accounts payable.
  • It was impossible to control expenditures and track those expenditures against the budget.

Competing Technologies

  • Custom Developed Application: In house custom software development time was estimated at 24 calendar months and 144 person-months at an estimated internal cost of $960,000.


  • WAG™ Web Application Generator solution was developed by 2 business people in 2 weeks.
  • WAG™ solution screens integrated data from Vendor, Project, Account, and Budget data base sources residing on Oracle ERP, SAP, and IBM AS/400.
  • WAG™ solution incorporated complex workflow based approval processes with thresholds.
  • WAG™ solution runs on all major desktop and mobile browsers.
  • Web-services based integration with complex business rules for validation. This is a Multi-Tenant solution with North America, Europe and Asia centers experiencing ‘their own customized and localized system’– multi-lingual, enterprise, Cloud and hybrid operation.
  • The entire project was completed without writing any custom code.
  • The entire project was completed without creating a single database object.

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